Black Box operates three studios, including a mobile studio for event photography, for specific commercial sets, and for in-situ portraits. Our camera equipment is top-notch, producing high quality photographs fit for publication in the press. Our photographers are adept at using the latest photo-editing software to touch-up their work if they find the need to. Our clients can truly trust in our expertise; when they come to choose from the range of sample pictures, they often have a hard time deciding from the whole crop of perfect photographs.

Publications we have shot for:

  • The Straits Times
  • The Maitland Mercury (Australia)
  • The Newcastle Herald (Australia)

Family portraits

  • Graduation photos
  • Family portraits

Our photographers are highly professional and efficient in our work. We take time to fully understand our clients’ needs for their portraits, whether personal or corporate, and hence are able to fulfil the brief to the letter. Our clients do not have to worry, as our charismatic photographers will make them feel at ease during shoots, therefore ensuring that the final pictures are the most natural and put-together.

We are able to work out the perfect package for our clients depending on:

  • Size of photos
  • Number of photos (both samples and final pictures)
  • Number of people (for group portraits)
  • Choice of studio

Corporate portraits

  • Company profiles
  • Résumés and CVs
  • Newspaper and magazine articles

Black Box photographers are strong at commercial photography, in that we have an excellent understanding of marketing. Our years of experience mean that we are extremely competent and creative in highlighting the essence of our clients’ brands, products, and services. Photographs that we have taken have appeared in the mass media, and have been featured on magazine covers.


Examples of products that we work on:






Cleaning products

Some services that we photograph:






Interior designers

Property Developers

We also shoot interiors, such as:


Yoga and dance studios




Departmental Stores